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IT eMune_vwc

Thursday, September 9, 2004


I just realized there isn't a community out there for vitiligo, so I took it upon myself to create one...If you or someone you know has vitiligo, consider joining my community. Thanks!


Sunday, March 28, 2004

4:58AM - flared

Since Thursday night things in my body have deteriorated quickly. I use to have lung involvement.I am now having involvement in my joints and bones. The meds they started me on, before I knew that it was joint and bone pain -vs- muscle pain, they gave me muscle relaxeres that are quite strong. I did and said some things in the first 24hrs that I am embarrassed about. No details...just trust me. My upper body strength is very weak and its hard to walk. The headaches are quite painful and my torso and stomache area are swollen and tender to touch ++as is most of my body++ha Up until now I just had lung involvement with my autoimmune disorder. I hope I can get into the dr on Monday. Right now I am bed bound. I haven't shared much about this because I keep hoping it will go away. As I read about it tonight I remembered the Drs saying I had a mixed connective tissue disorder. Well I read about it tonight and its not good. I started having a panic attack. I calmed down but this is not how I thought my life would be. Thanks for being there, Tonya

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Monday, December 22, 2003

3:15AM - Let the 'Journeys Of Neverending Stories', Begin ...

Just a Wild Thought Abound -

The whole premise for IT_eMune_vwc, is as a sounding board for any issues which are the 'real existence' in the -

~ Offline or Online,
~ Homebound or Running Around,
~ Equipment Free or Laden,
~ Etc.

Worlds of the (AI) Autoimune Community; & Related Valetudinal, Disabled Conditions. No matter the topic; this is the place to let it all be known & said. Be daring, sweet, frivolous, contrite; whatever the moment, mood or related agenda, time for voices to be heard, & minds thoughts be noted! You know what to do, go for it!

Update -

Ready to be daring enough to join us in our Avatar Virtual World for AI_Chat Meetings, Parties, Etc.? For details of what's needed, schedules, requests, Etc.; drop us a line or two!


For -


IT eMune, virtual world community



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