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IT eMune_vwc

Internet Technology & Autoimmune Related Conditions & Disability, UserGroup, VWC

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Our Charter -

... to bring a new age face about for the autoimmune, related conditions & disability arena. A 21st century premise, albeit with all its intricacies; uniting the technology, health (medicine, science), telecommuting, aesthetics, amongst other fields, for the chronically ill, infirmed masses, via end-user internet technology; (sorely, long overdue).

Having worked on it for quite a number of years, (due to both repetitious personal request, as well as conviction); am now beginning to see it come to fruition. The whole premise being, to make what illness & disability, as well as medical, politics, Etc, have so 'judiciously' taken away; be replaced in a multitude of ways, by all the advancements of computerization the scientific community has to offer.

Its' best utilization being by those who would benefit the most, as well as possess the ability to revolutionize the entire industry, more so than any other community could & would overall.

IT_eMune_vwc, Live Journal Community is a catalystic medium for monologue, discussion, exchange & progressive change in this pioneer age of wireless, virtual & valutudinal, brick & mortar existences."


Much goes on around here, so join in & add to the:

* 'Whatever Won't Happen ... Will, Most Definitely, Brigade!" - Lol!

* Got Something you just must say? ... Go for it!

* Found the end to meet all ends, & simply have to share it; .. by all means, the floors yours!

* Had it, enough is enough; can't gripe enough, ... dish it out!

* Murphy's Law Rules, ... 'share & share alike'! - Heh

* Rough is an understatement; ... need to pour it out; cause your ready for the violins? .. hmm mmm ... Can't say enough!

* Oh, it's simply too funny? Well, we'll just have to see about that! - Heh!

Need I say more, .. you know what to do; ... just do it!

Journal with yah soon!